Now that Quarter 1 is coming to a close. I would like you to reflection on how you can improve for Quarter 2 and the rest of the year. Please list 3 key things you plan to try to change in order to achieve academic excellence and reach your original goal for World History 2.



  1. to achieve excellent academic I will complete all of the work you give me. do all of your homework to keep my grade up. and stay focus on classwork so I can strive to get an A.

  2. 1. Come to school on time and class everyday.
    2. Do all of my work on time to get full credit.
    3. Study more to do good on my test and projects.

  3. 1. I will complete all homework assignments that will be assigned.
    2. I will do all projects in turn them in.
    3. study hard and do my very best

  4. 1. I will study for quizzes
    2. Be on time
    3. Do more blogs

  5. The three things that I can improve on are coming to school on time every day.
    Do most of the work assign to me. Study my notes

  6. I would say I need to work even harder, I need to stay focus and last but not least I need to work faster. I would say these are things I see fit that I need to improve on. Good bye and fair well. Until next time. This is Jayvon Williams signing off.

  7. 1: Come to school on time and ready to learn.
    2: Come to school prepared with all supplies.
    3: Complete all homework and classwork assignments

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