Human Environment Interaction Q1B2

Human Environment Interaction is how Humans Interact with the Environment. Hurricane Katrina was a major event that took place in 2005. Watch the video on how children were effected by the weather.

Answer the following questions:

1. How did humans interact with the environment in the case of Hurricane Katrina?

2. How did it effect people?

3. Give your final thoughts on the video.

Click the link to watch the video:

Children of the Storm



  1. 1.Humans interact with the environment by just taking everything at one time.

    2Hurricain Katrina effected people by destroying a lot of they homes massing up there playgrounds and the places they came to love.

    3.Seeing this video made me realize that I should be thankful of what I got and the people that’s around me because that could be me in the case like that and I couldn’t imagined how they were feeling at the time.

  2. Hurricane Katrina effected people by taking live , homes , and more some people lost childhood memeries and things important . and they interacted with the situation as any one would have . sad and depressed .

    • Identify which question your answering. There were three questions.

  3. I feel like hurricane Katrina help the people come togather and thank about what they can do to help fix there land back up.but it also was a deszaster because people died and lost there homes.

  4. Hurricane Katrina change many people lives.When the hurricane was over and the kids came back , it destoryed all there memories. Some kids left Louisiana because the storm was so bad there houses , school and neighborhood was ruined. When the hurricane was over some kids came back to rebuild there city. Some kids had to change school every week because the schools was to overcrowded. Many kids stayed out of school for 5 or 6 months. Alot of kids said they miss school because its was an escape from reality. They made groups for kids to join to express how they feel. So kids made poems , posters and more. Many kids had to make friends over and over again. When some kids left for the storm they wanted to come back because they didnt feel right from the place they grew up. Some familys didnt come back because they believe if they come back everything would be destoryed again. Overall this hurricane
    made people appreciate more things and made them stronger. Human Environment Interaction was their homes and neighborhoods. When they got back together to rebuild their community. I liked the video it made me apprecite
    made manyyyymade made many kids d

    • (My Computer Was Messing Up I Had More Say) !!!!!

  5. 1: Humans interactions with the environmental case of Hurricane Katrina was upsetting because they lost everything they owned.

    2. It effected people badly because they had to start all over from scratch to get where they were that day. It also effected people because they lost there homes , schools , and there childhood memories were basically destroyed.

    • 3. My final reply about the video is for me to appreciate what I have because I’ll never know when something like this in my environment will happen.

      • I like the reference of environment because it speaks to more than just Mother Nature.

  6. 1)humans intract with the enviroment by just taking everthing at a time 2) Hurricane katrine effected people by destorying there homes, restaurant, that they use to love 3) after seeing this video i should be grateful for what i have and that it wasnt my city

  7. 1: Humans interactions with the environmental case of Hurricane Katrina was upsetting because they lost everything they owned and cared for.

    2: Hurricane Katrina effected people by destroying a lot of there homes and killing some of there love ones.

    3: My final thoughts on this video is that i should be grateful of what i have and be happy whit it.

    • In most cases we don’t appreciate something something until it is gone. These children’s lives will never be the same.

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