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Write a 3-5 sentence response to the following question:

How does technology influence history?




  1. Technology has affected history due to violent and verbal abuses in the world. In the past we can see that we use to communicate with other people by sending letters and or mail to other people from across the world. But today we can email each other through technology and or other technolgy access.

  2. Technology influences history by causing conflict within people over the internet.Technology also helps history because people are able to contact family and/or friends across the country and are able to actually see their face while talking. If technology was taken away from us I think we would all be lost. Technology gives people a better understanding of history because you can go online and research about everything that happen before we were born.

  3. Technology has affected history by causing a lot of violence such as internet bullying, fights and other conflicts. Technology also helps people be able to look up there history and all of the important facts during those time periods. Technology also helped us a lot by making it easier to connect to our family and peers than sitting down for long time trying to write a letter and trying to buy a stamp to send it. Technology helped us a lot also buy making things would not back in the old days such as T.V video games and other electronics.

  4. Technology influences history because anything you need to know about your ancestors you can find out over the internet. Also you can trace your family history on the internet. The internet influences history a lot.

  5. Technology influences history in many ways. Technology help cause many wars throughout the years. Ex. People use guns to abuse and oppress other which cause wars.Technology also help make things easier. Ex. People can now get mail faster and talk to other people faster.

  6. Technology influence history in a big way. Technology has influence history by allowing us to know what happen in the past. A example of this is the knowledge of Hitler, which is from many years ago

  7. Thanks to technology, we have historical moments like the Industrial Revolution and the Space Race of the 1950s. the influences the technology has on history are thing like the History Channel that shows us on the television fact and other things about history. technology also use digital effect to show scenarios in history that can not be reenacted by actors.

  8. Technology has had very important parts in our history. Technology has changed warfare with things like drones and missiles that can simple be guide to a target using a laser. Also with technology our understanding of the universe is bigger with things like rocket ships

  9. Technology influence history by opening the doors of learning new things.Technology had a big influence on World War I, World War II and Industrial Revolution.Technology help the Allies win World War I and World War II. Allies won by using machine guns and submachine guns all that technology made. It also made new things that our generation can enjoy. Cars, cellphones, computres came all because of this world call technology.Technology changed the world we are living in now.

  10. technology has a lot to do with science. you will need a lot of technology in science due to all the wars and life supply as far as communicating and transitioning. technology is something you will need for all subjects and also if you would want to invent things.
    Dontay Evans

  11. Technology has influence history in many different ways. Like Da Vinic he use science to figure out the human body .Also he created glasses so people can see. Also when you make some thing you can make history if its a great invention

  12. technology has influence history in many ways such as using the internet to do stuff like look up things that happing in our past and why us as black people are in the place we are now and also why the government it what it is.

  13. technology made the world a better place, and it well lead to a better future ,and it also mad are history understandbol and much easer to learn.but for sume it lead to disstrcion but with out technology we wouldint have moved to anther levle

  14. Technology influence history in alot of ways such as life. I think all history has technology and resorce. History and technology have chemistry because you need things to communicate for education and life resorce.

  15. Technology has influence history in many different ways. Ways such as cyber bullying.It can also be use for the good of history. Technology can be use good way our a bad way. But it is still useful in history.

  16. technology has influence history in many different ways. ways such as resource and cyber bullying. It can also can be use for the good of history.but it is still useful in history

  17. Because by the 20th century humans had achieved the goal of exploring space.Technology changed the ways humans live.Technology helped humanshave the ability to move from place to place when is needed.

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