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Welcome to Mr. Frazier’s Blog for World History 2 2013-2014 School Year !!!

We will use this blog to communicate outside of the classroom. Your participation will reflect in your class grade. Every student is expected to post at least once to each post.

One major suggestion is that you sign up for this site so when I post you will receive a notification.

Course Description:
Modern World History picks up right where you left off in 9th Grade. We will begin our study with the Industrial Revolution and work our way up to modern times through looking at major events that took place all around the world. Be prepared to experience new things and to be asked to develop your own unique opinions about our world.

In this course we will:
• Trek through Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East and discover issues such as war, power, culture, poverty, social justice and how these issues are at play across our globe. We will become critical thinkers who are able to evaluate history and the perspective it comes from. We will develop our own historical perspective and use it read, write, and dialogue about our world.
• Throughout this course we will use Unit Projects as our major assessments. These projects will showcase what you have learned about history and how you can use that knowledge to shape, change, and interact with our world.
• We will divide our study into 6 main Units:
o Setting the Stage- How the Industrial Revolution shaped our modern world
o The World At War- WWI and the Global Depression
o The Great War- WWII
o The Path to Sovereignty- Africa’s struggle for freedom and current issues
o Spheres of Influence- The Cold War and Modern Europe
o Modern Asia- Political and social developments in Asia
o Latin America- Economic crisis and the search for political stability
o The Middle East- A region in turmoil and the need for peace
o The History of Today- A look at globalization and how it has shaped our current world

I look forward to great year of teaching and learning!!

Mr. Frazier



  1. I look foward to learning more about history

    • Tiara Barnes

  2. I will put and all the effored and i’ll take my mistakes and tureing them around that how i’ll acomlish my goals for this year

  3. I will keep an A grade throughout the entire school year. When I need help I will ask.

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